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Calm Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Meditation Coaching

Most of us are overstimulated and over-scheduled, which leads to mental, emotional, and physical stress. Stress accumulates as a direct result of our out-of-balance lifestyle. Research shows that over 80% of all doctor visits are due to stress-related complaints, such as anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, allergies, digestive disorders, inability to focus, and fatigue. 

Here you will learn a variety of meditation techniques  that will help you find ways to practice mindfulness. From body scans to guided visualizations, all approached from the place of awareness and non-judging.  You will also use things like breath focus and visualization to create a connection to each moment.  

By working with a meditation coach you will explore a variety of meditation techniques in order to find the specific technique that works best for you. You will also learn how to bring meditation into your daily life.

Please note that this room can be booked for your own meditation and/or self-care practice for 30 or 60 minutes.

Please call or text 859-953-0119 in order to schedule an appointment!