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Choose Your Pricing Wellness Plan

  • Mental Wellness Plan

    Every week
    Perfect for maintaining mental wellness and growth
    • 2 Interactive journaling online sessions
    • Online resources
    • Book recommendations
    • Weekly meditation challenges
  • Mind & Body Wellness

    Every week
    Perfect for those who want a better mind/body connection
    • 4 interactive journaling online sessions
    • Online resources
    • Meditation and Yoga Challenges
    • Book recommendations
    • Mindful Monday Challenges
  • Mind/Body/Spirit

    Every week
    For those that desire to achieve holistic wellness
    • 6 interactive journaling online sessions
    • Weekly prompts from The Four Agreements
    • Mediation, Yoga & Mindful Eating Challenges
    • Online Resources
    • Book Reccomendations
    • Weekly Self-Discovery & Spiritual Prompts

Are you seeking continued self-growth and understanding of self?

If so, Life Navigation Services provides an online membership plan that allows you to have a stronger definition of who you are, a better understanding of your needs and goals, and develop even stronger self -care strategies. 

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